3 easy and quick ways to recharge FasTag

FasTag has proven to be a very convenient way for commuters to pay up at toll plazas. Usually, the users link their FasTag accounts to their bank accounts after registration. The automated systems at the toll plazas directly deduct the money from the bank accounts. However, users who prefer a more hassle-free experience and prefer not to involve their bank accounts can opt for a Fastag recharge instead. The FasTag wallet store the money transferred to it during the recharge. At the toll plazas, the wallet completes the payments.

Why is it better to recharge the FasTags?

Under the guidelines of NHAI, National Payments Corporation of India launched FasTags as a part of the National Electronic Toll Collection initiative. Attached to the windscreen of vehicles, FasTags are RFID enabled. In order to promote electronic payments, the use of FasTags has been made mandatory. Without a valid FasTag, you would have to pay double toll fees. Now, any glitch preventing a direct transaction from your bank account would cause unnecessary hassles. You may easily avoid this by using the FasTag recharge online services.

How to recharge your FasTag?

The bank-neutral FasTags are linked to the NHAI prepaid wallet for recharges. This wallet allows the users to make payments at toll plazas seamlessly. The price of a FasTag recharge starts INR 100 onwards. You can recharge your FasTag in a number of ways, based on your convenience. The three quickest ways to do it are:

  • Airtel Payments Bank: This payments bank is versatile in nature and allows the users to make online payments for various purposes. The website of Airtel Payments Bank is easy to use, thanks to the neat and well-organised layout. You may recharge your FasTag from anywhere through their portal, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Moreover, Airtel Payments Bank boasts excellent round-the-clock support in case if you face any issues like electricity bill payment, bill payments and recharges.
  • Paytm: One of the leading e-wallets in India, Paytm offers a comprehensive range of payment solutions. The FasTag sub-wallet in your Paytm account would automatically separate an amount of money when you transfer the same to your Paytm account. At toll plazas, the deductions would use up the money reserved in your FasTag sub-wallet. However, you may use the Paytm FasTag only twenty minutes after you add money to the wallet.
  • Net banking: If you have a bank account with a net banking feature, you may use it to recharge your FasTag too. The net banking portals of different banks have their own procedures for the recharge. However, the basic steps are mostly common. You would have to log in, visit the option for recharging FasTags and follow up with the necessary steps to make the payment.
  • NHAI prepaid wallet: One of the first platforms to facilitate online recharges for FasTags was the NHAI prepaid wallet.

All of these are secure and convenient mechanisms to recharge your FasTag account. In case if you received your FasTag from a specific bank, you may also recharge it by visiting the bank. The Airtel Payments Bank is, however, one of the best ways to buy FasTag online or recharge it.