Tips for Finding Work as an Accountant

Think you have the math skills to work in accounting? An accountant depends on a steady job or a steady client base for regular work. Here are some tips on finding both.

Accountants are in high demand, perhaps more now than ever before. As thousands turned to WFH and eCommerce as a solution to coronavirus, a larger number of small businesses are finding their feet than the UK has seen in a long time. This explains the rise in demand for qualified accountants and for those who work in the finance sector. It additionally means that this work is likely to sustain businesses for years to come.

Brief Accountant’s Job Description

Accountants offer clients a plethora of services. An accountant’s main role is to help businesses and individuals with their financial data. It is difficult to keep up with taxation documentation, sales and financial forecasts when you are running a full time business on your own. SMEs therefore outsource that work to accounting agencies, or hire an in-house accountant of their own to work full time.

An accountant will record the incomings and outgoings. They will help you complete financial documents, file them for you with HMRC, and process payroll information. Although they may record and process any type of financial data, they closely work with taxation.

Tips for Finding Accountant Jobs

If you are looking for work as an accountant, try the following things.

Bookmark Websites for Job Hunts

Searching for accountant jobs online is one way to find new work. Bookmark the job hunting sites you like. Consider using one which allows you to upload your CV. This lets companies headhunt you even if you are not online.

Follow Favourite Companies

Go onto social media and start to follow the companies you would like to work for. LinkedIn is a great site for doing this, but Facebook and Instagram are worthwhile too.

Network with Other Accountants

Find and meet with other people in your position. Keep in touch with those you meet in university or college, since they may end up working for other firms in different cities. Keep in touch with your local Business Gateway office since the run networking events.

Tips for Finding Clients as an Established Accountant

If you are an accountant’s agency looking for new clients, try the following things.

Using Your Website to Find New Clients

There are ways you can make your website accessible. Introducing a query bot allows customers to ask you questions and leave messages for you even when you are offline. Linking to your social sites, bringing in an Etsy page, selling from multiple sources, and even blogging for others can all help.

Incorporate SEO

Use Technical and Local SEO to expand your search engine clients. The more of those keywords you hit and the better your content, the higher the ranking with Google.

Encourage Word of Mouth

Ask your clients to suggest you to their friends in future.

Use Physical Signage

Clear signs outside your office helps people notice you. Increasing reach is both virtual and real. Sometimes a board outside the store with the day’s deals is better than a £10,000 sign in the window.

Putting the Plan into Action

You have new tips to help you or your accountant business find work. All that is left is to put that plan into action.