Are Adventure Sports Covered In Your Travel Insurance Policy?

International trips are always an exhilarating experience, one that is etched in your memories forever. You get to experience new cultures, different cuisines and stay in amazing hotels.

With the excitement of travelling to your next destination, do you overlook buying travel insurance cover? Well, going forward, remember that as essential it is to meticulously plan your travel, it is equally important to invest in a travel insurance policy.

A travel insurance plan saves you from unexpected medical expenses. It is like your confidant in an unfamiliar territory especially if you are travelling alone. Further, personal liabilities can also be managed using a travel insurance cover. But not all travels are similar. When you travel with your family, it is a relaxed experience. On the other hand, solo travellers or travel junkies prefer to go on adventure trips like hiking mountains, bungee jumping, river rafting, etc. These are some activities that are not covered under all travel insurance plans.

What you should check in your travel insurance policy?

Different insurance plans have different terms and conditions. Thus, it is essential to look for the terms of the policy before finalising your purchase. What most individuals make a mistake is overlooking the events covered under the plan over the premium and additional features. But instead, understanding the base policy coverage can help you know whether adventure activities are covered by your insurer or not.

There have been instances where insurance companies deny adventure activities as hazardous and thus not all plans include coverage for it. This differs among insurance companies as well as its offering among different plans.

Travel insurance for adventure activities

The new fad of adventure activities is catching up fast that has seen many travel insurance companies including coverage for these events too. This has a positive impact of increased coverage and that you will be compensated in case of a mishap. However, it depends on the insurance company and also on the criticalness of the damage.

While adventure seekers may find solace in these kinds of sports, it is necessary to check whether your insurance plan has coverage for it. Some insurance companies have limited coverage for certain adventure activities like paragliding, bungee jumping, mountain climbing, etc. whereas some other insurers may offer the same as additional coverage. So, you need to specifically look for policies that allow insurance claim for adventure travel.

Depending on whichever adventure sport you wish to include, the premium varies. If your itinerary includes high-risk activities that are life-threatening, then a lot of insurance companies might exclude these events. But if you are trying an adventure activity for the first-time with just one adventure activity, then a standard travel insurance coverage might suffice.

So, before taking that much-awaited adrenaline-filled adventure trip, make sure whether your insurance plan offers coverage. If not, purchase a policy that does offer coverage either in the standard courage or in form of add-ons. Skipping on an insurance cover isn’t a smart choice, be it for adventure activities or even travel insurance for senior citizens.