6 motives to begin saving and investing for retirement

While there is no fixed age to begin your retirement planning, it works well if you start with it at the earliest. With an appropriate retirement plan, you can estimate how quickly and likely you can attain your post retirement corpus.   Additionally, you can gain complete control of your cash flow and expenses and review how much risk you must take to attain this crucial goal depending on the time left with you.

Read on to understand solid reasons why you must prepare a retirement plan –

  • Peace of mind

When you make a retirement plan, you often think of aspects that cause expenses. You tend to screen through your prevailing resources, figure out gaps and work on building up the funds you require. Such an approach provides high security, which endows financial stability and security even after your monthly pay cheques stop.

When you get the assurance that you are taking the correct steps to avoid monetary shortfalls, you tend to feel relaxed. However, in case you are unable to determine the appropriate post retirement corpus, then you must take the help of an online retirement calculator. By using an online retirement calculator, you can compute how much you must invest to arrive at the required retirement corpus.

  • Financial independence

For generations, the elders have always been dependent on their kids for retirement support. Instead of being dependent on your kids, you must take responsibility for yourself. Doing so would allow you to lead your remaining life peacefully on your own conditions without being answerable to any family member.

  • Compounding effect

The earlier you begin investing, the longer the time horizon your invested funds get to make the most of the power of compounding. Compounding is the potential of your invested fund to generate earnings, which is reinvested with the initial capital to generate additional earnings. Starting your investment for retirement early in your career allows you to increase your wealth quickly owing to the compounding effect.

  • Prepares you for unanticipated expenditures

Old age is accompanied by health complications. Healthcare expenses can be extremely steep. With the increasing inflation level, medical expenses may turn out to be excessive by the time you reach your retirement age. So, it is a must to prepare for such kinds of expenditures when you are young, healthy, and earning. Additionally, there are certain retirement plans that permit you to withdraw funds in times of an exigency.

  • Tax benefits

Today, there are various financial options available to build a sound and proper retirement plan. When you select to invest in a specific plan, it allows you to lower your taxable income. Thus, tax benefits on retirement planning allow you to properly manage your investment expenditures effectively.

  • Inflation

Inflation is the rise in the costs of products and goods, which reduces your buying power. For example, if your monthly expenditure at the age of 25 is Rs 30,000 per month, then at the age of 60 years, you would require spending Rs 2.31 lakh monthly to maintain a similar lifestyle assuming the rate of inflation is 6 per cent. You can account for inflation only if you begin investing for your retirement days at the earliest. To counter inflation, an online retirement calculator must be used.

Ending note

Inadequate money after retirement may mean hardship, poverty, and inability to mitigate medical expenditures. However, if you begin your retirement planning early, you can increase your chances of creating an adequate post-retirement corpus, which may assist you to maintain a good retirement lifestyle, meet your healthcare expenses and thus free you from financial worries.